How Is Your Heart?

How is your heart, love?

Is the numb brought to life?

I cry because I must watch

All the wrist slashing

With someone else’s knife.

How is your heart, love?

Does it run from the hurt?

Wearing shoes that belong to

Your man in the dirt.

How is your heart, love?

Traveling away in the scow?

I know you in history

And can’t stop feeling your now.

How is your heart, love?

Can I repair it by will?

Because my heart is ragged

From climbing the same hill.

Please keep your heart, love

Don’t let it crumble to the earth

Because his love fills nothing

And he is not your worth.-JM  12/12


What an open heart you’ve got,

Hanging on your sleeve.

While I’m here with paint under my nails,

Trying to cover up trust,

That I’ve reckoned not to believe.

But you text me some sweet words,

And overlook my tangled heart.

Telling me I am the sunshine,

As I’m filling a shopping cart.

I count on you to soothe me,

While the drama around me flares.

And I get lost in the cyclone

Of feeling more than my share.

Living through the thin times,

Of being displaced from your love,

Hasn’t left the emptiness,

That I pretend I’m not afraid of.

‘Cause here I am boiling noodles,

And wearing our daughter’s hat.

You are on a train smiling,

And I feel where your love is at.-JDM 4/16/11

Another Saturday

They are not on the road less traveled,

they are blazing a whole new trail.

It’s morning and he’s in the kitchen.

talking to a bird on the windowsill.

She floats into the kitchen,

feeling the music and doing a dance.

Waiting for the coffee to brew,

in her polka-dotted pajama pants.

They’ve been together so long now,

they no longer live to please.

He teases after a morning of loving her,

“Your hair looks like the eighties”

She can’t help but smile at him,

contemplating their love and their chance.

They flourish in one another’s ease,

She simply tells him to join in her dance.

Some have got life’s love easy,

while others just have to shout.

This morning the kids knock candle-wax to the carpet,

They are showing them how to iron it out.-JDM 4/23/11