Unacceptable Levels…Not an Option Not to See

I recently spent a weekend in San Francisco with the co-producer of the documentary Unacceptable Levels and was taught the fine art of grassroots crowd-sourcing. As fun, fast-paced, and enlightening as that was, the true reward of my visit was to finally have the opportunity to watch the documentary that I had blindly committed to help promote in my home state of Oregon.

Oftentimes, my heart for all things natural and organic causes me to leap before I look.  

In this case, the “green” gods were smiling upon me and my instincts were right on as I found the film to be sincere and factual. I was pleasantly surprised to find it not another “bleeding heart” appeal to live greener but rather a scientific, historically grounded approach to examining the commercial explosion (pardon the pun) of chemicals in every day products that occurred after WWII.

wwii chem research Something had to be done with all of that chemical research and product invention post-war and once the private sector figured out there was lots of money to be made…. toxins came straight from the lab and  into our bodies and environment. But at what cost? Narrator and also co-producer, Ed Brown, asks all of the right questions of all of the right experts to find out.

No doom and gloom here, however, for the best part of Unacceptable Levels is the message of hope and empowerment. (Spoiler Alert: you and I can change the world!)  Take a look at the trailer and watch for screenings of the  film where you live:

f5044-butterflygreenearth http://www.unacceptablelevels.com/

Recycled Jewelry You Have to See!


I recently met a woman whose grown agoraphobic son makes jewelry. Not just any jewelry but jewelry made from garage sale finds and recycled wire.  I wish I could have taken pictures of it all (especially the really unique ones made from items such as pieces of tennis balls, beer caps and actual pretzels) but I had to respect his artistic integrity.  These are the items I have purchased so far….